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The Land Issue 4 Winter 2007 (Reprinted)

The Rising Cost of Housing . . . and of Land
A Letter
from Kevin Cahill author of Who Owns the World
Papers for Paupers
Robert Home and Hilary Lim assess whether land-titling will lift squatters and settlers from poverty
Why Poor People are Evicted
A swift round-the-world survey
The Ministry of Housing Crisis
The French respond to rising house prices in the spirit of 1968
Has Anyone Seen My Planet?
asks Geonomist
The FAO’s Long Shadow
The claim that livestock cause 18% of global warming is exaggerated, says Simon Fairlie
Out of the Frying Pan
A Nobel prize-winner claims that N2O emissions from biofuel outweigh carbon emission savings
A View from the South
Some observations from Third World Resurgence on the spread of biofuels
Can Britain Feed Itself?
And can we feed ourselves with organic agriculture?. Simon Fairlie investigates
Can Organic Agriculture Feed the World?
What direction should the organic movement take if it can’t?
Cashing in on Organics
Christina Ballinger examines whether the organic boom is benefiting small farmers
Grumbles from the Grassroots
Jyoti Fernandes raises questions about organic certification: Francis Blake responds
The Richness of Nature
Dave Bangs visits a rewilded farm which doubles up as a playground for the wealthy.
Imperial Takeover
Mark Brown, Rebecca Laughton and Sean Furey explain how Wye College was asset-stripped.
The Scandal of Agricultural Tied Dwellings
Why is this loophole for speculators allowed to continue?
Write Your Own Low Impact Policy
Chapter 7’s submission to W Dorset local development framework.
A Home for LID in Wales
Is there a place for low impact policies in Welsh planning guidance? asks Mark Dyson
The Car and the Countryside
James Shorten on why rural living is regarded as unsustainable.
Mr Urbs and Mr Rus
Which is more sustainable, the town or the country? It depends who you are and what you want.
Two Cheers for Sherford
Tim Gorringe thinks planners have got some things right with a new town near Plymouth
Affordable Housing Policy Relaxed
Are there changes in the rural exception site policy?
Small is Visionary
The German planning system favours green self-builders, report Brian and Sibylle Rushbridge
Three examples of the planning system victimizing aging smallholders; Sustainability Brings Victory for Keveral Farm and Land Matters;Five woodland homes deemed to conform to the “Country House Policy”; Whither Policy 52? Three applications have been made under Pembs Low Impact Policy, and three have been refused.
Book Reviews
How to Live Off Grid by Nick Rosen, reviewed by Tony Wrench; Ecovillage: New Frontiers for Sustainability by Jonathan Dawson, reviewed by Molly Scott Cato; Natural Building by Tom Woolley

The Land 3 Spring 2007

Land 3 cover.jpg
Rioting for Austerity
No false messiahs, thank-you, but a voice crying in the wilderness might be helpful.
Very Angry Potatoes
If GM is spreading all around the world, all the more reason for keeping the UK GM free.
The Barker Review of Planning
The Treasury economist carries on gnawing away at democracy.
The Right-wing Campaign against the Planning System
The Land Is Ours distances itself from neo-liberals.
Nice Facts, Pity about the Ideas
Review of Kevin Cahill’s Who Owns the World.
Apocalypse Soon?
A review of the latest books from James Lovelock and George Monbiot.
Power Cut
Predictions of panic when the lights go out.
Anarchy in New York
HV Morton’s classic article on the New York black-out.
Taking to the hills; and on-farm bio-fuel production.
The Future of the Intercity Coach
Alan Storkey explains how coaches could be made quick, efficient and comfy.
Pirate's Paradise
Larry Law’s account of a pirate’s republic in Madagascar.
The Rise and Fall of Ruskin Commonwealth
John Egerton tells the story of a 19th century Utopian fiasco.
Chartist Land Colonies
Chris Coates explains the failure of Feargus O’Connor’s ambitious land settlement scheme.
Tony Gosling uncovers plans for a 1990s eco-settlement.
La Borie Noble
Rebecca Laughton visits a fifty-year-old community in France.
Jenny Pickerell and Larch Maxey outline the careful preparations for a new settlement in S Wales.
Urban Clearance
Different approaches to “regenerating” terraced housing in Liverpool and Salford
Housing Monitor
REITS; EDMOs; and Titnore Woods.
Land Access
Fordhall Farm; Register of Surplus Land.
How to influence your Local Plan
Lucy Nichol explains the new development plans and how to have input.
Planning policies for super-sustainability, proposed by the Cohousing Network.
The new government policy for housing promotes greenfield development by the back door.
Rural Baron builds Industrial Estate
Former CLA President Ewen Cameron benefits from CLA-inspired policies.
How I became a Travelling Planner
Simon Ruston, caravan dweller, describes his education in planning.
Not fit for Website Forum
The ministry refused to accept this submission from Tony Thompson on traveller site design.
Climate Change Planning Statement
Tough on buildings but ignores traffic.
Holiday Home Sophistry
New model conditions rule that holiday caravans are only for people with another home.
Hermit’s Corner; John van Loggerenberg on shacks;Argyll planners want to evict at least 20 families, and turn local residences into holiday homes; batty arguments about a reader’s barn.

The Land Issue 2 Summer 2006

Land 2 cover.jpg
Contents awaiting upload

The Land Issue 1 Spring 2006 (Reprint)

Land 1 cover1.jpg
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