The Land Issue 12 Summer 2012

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The Future 'We' Want
The Rothamsted GM Debate
Action on Land Grabs; Farmers on the Streets in Berlin: Occupy the Wilderness; ACTA
I Can't Believe It's Not Organic
A new DIY producers' association is germinating.
Little Black Tractor
Imagining a saner future where it's the chemical-mongers who get labelled...
The ‘O’ Word - Use It Or Lose It
Phil Sumption reports on current affairs in the Organic world.
The Small Farmer Speaks
Lynn Miller calls for an agricultural renaissance, small time.
The Vegetarian Pig
Local waste problems could be solved in your back yard, says Gill Barron
Parkinson’s Law of the Countryside
A classic look at the rural-urban divide. In 32 years, has anything changed?
Return of the Gangmasters
They’ve always been bad news, as Philip Conford and Jeremy Burchardt explain.
Can Britain Farm Itself?
Ed Hamer asks the Big Questions
Beyond Attachment Parenting
Education is more than 9 to 5 school, says Jennifer Stoady.
The Child’s Right to Work
Learning to make a living is important too.
Growing Up Dystechnic
Simon Fairlie explains why a new skills-based curriculum would be handy.
Geography of the Egocentric
The Earth doesn’t revolve around humanity. Simon Fairlie pays his respects.
Hands, Heart, Head
Celebrating a book which puts a spanner in the cerebral works.
A Hammer and a Horse
A traveller discusses the pros and cons of extramural education.
Of Daffodils and Farmers
Teaching young farmers to appreciate poetry is an eye-opener, says Charlotte Fairlie.
Ask a Better Question
Annkatrin Hendry looks at the How and What of school systems.
Playground Robbery
Nigel Gann exposes a Government land-grab.
Offsetting Nature?
Mike Hannis and Sian Sullivan examine the ideas behind DEFRA’s habitat banking scheme.
Reversing Beeching’s Legacy
Daniel Casey asks why all the little railways don’t join up.
Three Yawns for the Olympics
For most people, the Olympics are just not sporting. Gill Barron expostulates.
Lord Golf’s Estates
The Ornamental Hermit on how sport holds the fort for a secret landowner.
The Feedback Loop
Readers respond to ‘The Future of our Forests’
The Legalities of Buying Land
Cathy Ashley explains why solicitors might be useful after all.
Thirty Eight Words
What will the National Policy Planning Framework mean for low impact development?
Appeals and Planning decisions; Squatting update

Hay cart in the farmyard