The Land Issue 16 Summer 2014

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Land Registry: Data For Sale
Snorkels at Dawn
Scottish Land Reform; Small Farmers Feed the World; GM & Organic in Australia; Right to Farm; TTIP; Co-op Farms; Song Line; Round-Up: Will the Ban Spread to Europe?
Bots on the Landscape
Simon Fairlie is not impressed with robots coming over here and taking our farm jobs.
Rough Ground Resources
Peter Dudley traces a history of frugal farming in west Cornwall.
Taming the Quinoa Bonanza
Marygold Walsh-Dilley finds Bolivian peasants pulling together.
Fighting Off The Frackers
Katy Dunne sounds the alarm.
Fracking our Food
Paul Mobbs joins the dots between extreme fossil fuels and industrial agriculture.
Monsoon Conservation
Richard Cox explores the many functions of India’s stepwells.
The People’s Water Board
Gill Barron and Sharon Stewart on the acequia system of New Mexico.
The Paracommons of Salvaged Water
Bruce Lankford ponders ‘efficiency’.
The Uses of Dew
A neglected resource is rediscovered through dewponds in Sussex and fog-nets in Peru.
Living Rivers
David Quammen explains why a river is really an organism.
Lost in the Wash
Simon Fairlie explores the history of public wash-houses in Britain and France.
Archimedes’ Screw Turns Again
Gill Barron investigates a small town micro-hydro scheme.
Flood Plain Follies
Musings on the predicament of those who must live by the river.
Community Land: Growing Together
Ken Elkes on two useful channels of land access information.
Farming With Friends
Getting the plot: other routes into a land-based life.
How Now, Grow Heathrow?
Britain’s best-known protest allotment gets a visit from Rich Thornton.
The Zen of Shackery
The aesthetics of abandonment are explored by our staff trespassers.
The Fear of Not Flying
Simon Fairlie prefers hitch-hiking.
Midsummer Meadows
Complementary books reviewed by Patrick Whitefield and Roger Creagh-Osborne.
Kett, CAT, Permaculture (again) and Deep Green Resistance - letters from Peter Harper and others.
What Stops LID Going Mainstream?
asks Simon Fairlie.
Small Cabins A-Plenty
Robert Alcock on low impact buildings in Spain.
The Ghost of Annex A
Two appeal wins clarify changing rules on agricultural dwellings.

Hay cart in the farmyard