The Land issue 17

Change the Record
The general election: some of our best friends are anarchists, but . . .
A Movement of People
Tobacco Road
Farmers For Action in Action; World Bank Grades Countries for Landgrabbers; French Farmers Furious; Only 100 Harvests Left; GM Labelling in Vermont; Monsanto Litigious Again; No More Schnews; Forest Dwellers Fight Dam; IMF in Ukraine.
Towards Ten Billion
An introduction in which The Editors survey the territory.
Vox Pop
Simon Fairlie compares different approaches taken towards the population question.
Spuriously Neutral Mathematics
Population numbers offer no useful pointers to policies, says The Cornerhouse.
Reconciling Differences
There is a place to mention population and a place not to mention it, says Frances Kissling.
We Can Pursue Two Big Issues at the Same Time
Let’s tackle population and consumption, says Jonathan Porritt.
The Consumption Bomb
Fred Pearce argues that it is corporations, not populations, which cause pressure on land.
Out of Sight in the Cities
Is urbanisation a solution for overpopulation, or a way of distancing the problem?
Feeding the Nine Billion
Ed Hamer on the way the population issue is used to promote agribusiness.
Anthropocene Defaunation
We couldn’t find anyone who would write about rewilding a world of 10 billion people.
This Elephant is a Red Herring
Restricting immigration is no solution to overpopulation, writes Mike Hannis.
The Hare and the Tortoise
Simon Fairlie reasons that as the birth rate stabilises, longevity will become the big issue.
Singular Lives
The history of the booming “Childfree” movement is traced by Gill Barron.
Repro, Techno, Bingo
Gill Barron peers into the dark side of ART – Assisted Reproductive Technology.
Small is Dutiful
And finally, yes, we do have a solution to the overpopulation problem.
No Puçaran
We, like sheep, will no longer stray, thanks to microchips.
1000 Cow Factories
Farmers occupy the first French megadairy.
The True Cost of Cheap Milk
Philip Lymbery visits the spiritual home of the cow factory.
Forty Years of Longo Maï
Life begins for the pan-European network of radical farm communities.
Kenya Clearance
Jyoti Fernandes visits the Sengwer who are being forced off their land for a carbon offset scheme.
A Cautionary Tale
Fine rural ideals, pity about the fascist tendencies. Simon Fairlie examines the Distributists.
Green Rising
Fine communist ideals, pity about the urban bias. Simon Fairlie reviews Mitrany’s 'Marx Versus the Peasant'.
What’s the Hitch?
Hitchhiking dead? Not yet, says Adam Weymouth
Fencing the Dyke
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi: but Hugh Colvin removes trees from Offa’s Dyke in a Land Rover.
Don’t Even Think About It
Gill Barron reviews George Marshall’s book analysing climate inertia.
Self-Build Vanguards
Self-build local development orders? Nice work if we can get it.
As Pickles tightens the screw, Hounslow wins this years’ award for evicting people.
Second Homes a Human Right?
James Shorten takes the planning minister to task.
Housebuilders Offset Carbon and Orchids
The offset mindset worms its way into the banal world of planning.
Barn Conversion
As we feared – a bonanza for landowners.
Worrying Times for Geese
Another common is being privatised.
One Planet Council
The One Planet movement is gathering momentum.

Hay cart in the farmyard