The Land Issue 20

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The House of Lords and the House of Frauds
PSPOs in the Park
Biogassed are the Cheesemakers; Good Grub(s) for Pigs; Love those Lentils; Higgs Boson Meets Its Match; Burying Biofuels; GM Overview Overdue • Nightmare in November; Scottish Fudge; Yorkley Court Farm — Utopia Bulldozed?
Life on the Borderline
Preview extracts from Threads, Kate Evans’ graphic novel of life in the Calais Jungle.
Passport to Privilege
Theo Simon reflects on a week in the camp at Calais.
Tinker, Vagabond, Journeyman, Tramp
Gill Barron encounters the itinerant population of Early Modern Britain.
The Case of the Vanishing Vagabonds
A lament for the disappearance of tramps.
The Road Goes Ever On
Being of No Fixed Abode in Britain nowadays ain’t easy, as Raina Jones explains.
Elimination by Definition
Sophie Hemery on the Government’s latest attempt to purge the land of Gypsies.
Turf Wars
An alleged epidemic of trespassers may be exaggerated by vested interests, according to Gill Barron.
Born to be Wild
Foraging can help feed people sustainably, says Miles Irving.
Has Foraging Gone Too Far?
A crackdown prompts Daniel Butler to look into the law.
Good King Henry and the Old Fat Hen
Historic weeds make tasty treats.
A Hatful from the Hedgerow
John Wright’s new book leaves nothing out.
A Sea Buckthorn Story
Willow Walker describes her discovery of this feral food from the dunes.
If You Can’t Beat It, Eat It
Japanese knotweed for pudding, anybody?
A Harvest from the Waves
Seacoaling has lessons for foragers, say Gill Barron and Simon Fairlie.
More Borage than Porridge
Simon Fairlie thinks foraging is a load of hogweed.
Adios to the Landed Clergy
How ‘glebe land’ was privatised - soon to be followed by the Land Registry.
The Great Estates of God
Gloria Mundy explains how the Church of England acquired its land.
A Tale of Tithes and Turnips
Gwen Vessey tells the story of an 18th century farming parson.
Charity Begins in Church?
The Church Commissioners’ finances give Gill Barron a headache.
Hunting for the Exit
Chris Smaje finds two conflicting strands in George Monbiot’s latest book.
Sustainability After Development
Mike Hannis rescues a useful principle from a dense thicket.
Ricardo, Rent and Rural Revival
Simon Fairlie connects up the economics of food and housing.
Research, not Gambling
A reader calls for government funding of research into organic productivity.
Cheese Sovereignty
David Asher spurns the corporate involvement in modern cheesemaking.
London’s Growing
Felicia Ruperti has an update on the blossoming of market gardens in the city.
An Act of Folly
Simon Fairlie finds the new Housing and Planning Act heading in the wrong direction (again).
Building Blocks
Community Land Trusts are the answer to unaffordable housing, as Fran Ryan describes.
Perseverance Furthers
Hang in there, is Bill Lloyd’s advice to Travellers up against the planning system.
Planning Update
Three low impact communities up for planning renewal - with mixed results.
Reading Matters
A round-up of virtual reading resources.
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