The Land Issue 21

The land Issue 21
“Despair is Not an Option.”
A Fate Worse Than Trump.
Farm News; ZAD; Land Grabs in Europe; Wave Power; Fossil Capital; Land or Coal
Who Owns England?
Asks Guy Shrubsole, who has some of the answers — and a map.
Land Explorer.
A new, interactive resource for investigating land attributes is heralded by Tom Kenny
Light at the End of the Tunnel.
Guy Shrubsole & Tom Kenny think land data may soon be liberated.
Ask a Stupid Question . . .
Simon Fairlie attributes Brexit to the antidemocratic prejudice that pervadesWestminster.
Safe European Home.
A personal reflection on Brexit by Mike Hannis.
UK Agriculture After Brexit.
Simon Fairlie reports on the various options available.
Cheap Food, Underpaid Labour
Luke Dale-Harris on the British reluctance to do seasonal agricultural work.
Romanian Revival.
Adam Crowe reports on what’s happening to dairy farmers in Transylvania.
The Milk Road.
A French couple cross Asia investigating the culture of milk.
Anarchist Squint.
The Land pays tribute to anarchist anthropologist James C. Scott
The Politics of the Silent Fart.
Simon Fairlie on JC Scott’s “The Weapons of the Weak” .
Two Cheers for the Petty Bourgeoisie.
Their thwarted dreams are the tinder of revolution, claims James C. Scott.
The Art of Not Being Governed – Revisited.
Rod Harbinson on life and struggles in Zomia.
Jihad for Soil and Seed in Palestine.
Juman Simaan speaks out for traditional olive-growers.
Marion Shoard looks afresh at the grey zones between town and country.
Brown Bits Go Green.
The Brownfield Register gives easier access to a neglected landbank.
Squandered Acres.
What has become of Britain’s derelict land and housing? asks Gill Barron.
Farming in the Fringe.
The 40-year history of a pioneering city farm, told by Anita MacCallum.
Underground, Overground.
Mysterious horticultural goings-on in old Paris, unearthed by Gill Barron.
Urban Cowboys.
Liverpool’s city-centre dairy farms are rediscovered in two new books.
Capital Growers.
Could we replace the Horseyculture Belt with something more beneficial?
Bill Hook’s Scrap Yard.
Gill Barron observes the metamorphosis of rubbish.
Limits to Logic.
Chris Smaje peers into an encyclopaedic assemblage of David Fleming’s ideas.
David Spero ‘s photographs record two decades of low-impact dwellings.
Feedback and Letters.
The Tenant’s Choice.
Bob Trafford describes how an old London scandal has sparked a new resistance.
The Profits from Enforcement.
Simon Fairlie pursues the latest news on beds-in-sheds and HMOs.
Planning Appeals.

Hay cart in the farmyard