The Land Issue 26

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Night of the Long Spoons
Supping with devils after the Brexit election.
Quality Not Quantity
Should we cover the UK in trees?
Do Not Go Naked Into That Deep Space
The Duke of Marlborough Goes Green • Cisco Brings 5G to Somerset • Boris Rages Against Blight
“Yay Science!” • Synthetic Cadavers • Rewilding on the Rocks? • Pigeon Puzzles
Radical Intransigence
Mike Hannis explores activists’ disagreements about sex and gender.
Trump Country
John Gaventa reports optimistically from the Appalachian boondocks.
Foxfire Revisited
A fount of knowledge from the backwoods.
The Invisible Footprint of Digital Technology
Ditch your smart phone, says Paul Mobbs.
Liquid Assets
Simon Fairlie looks at the use of water in a land without oil.
The Methane Mistake
Too many scientists are slow to admit their calculations have been wrong.
Irish Stew
Adam Payne considers the future of beef in Ireland.
Salvaging The Sheepwreck
Sheep and trees can coexist in the uplands argues Federico Filippi.
Tangled Threads: a miscellany edited by Gill Barron and Simon Fairlie.
Wear the Landscape
Rebecca Burgess is spreading the word about bioregional textile production.
Fibreshed Comes to Britain
Emma Hague takes up the fibreshed baton in the UK.
Scaling Up
Rebecca Burgess examines what it might take to revive local textile industries.
A Landworker’s Guide to Wool
The fibre that nature evolved to keep mammals warm and dry.
A Loom of One’s Own
Harris Tweed is still going strong, as Gill Barron discovers.
When This Old Hat Was New
First English workers lost their land, then they lost their loom . . .
King Cotton and Enclosure
. . . and The Ecologist recounts how the rest of the world lost theirs.
All Clad in Rustic Fustian
Tudor peasants’ sturdy workwear was fit for all weathers.
Grow Hemp or Else!
John Michell’s potted history of this versatile weed.
Hemp and the Home Office
Patrick Gillett wonders why he had to destroy 40 acres of hemp.
Flax: from Field to Fabric
Linen is a crop you can both wear and eat.
Grow Your Own, Sew Your Own
John-Paul Flintoff tries to make his own clothes from nettles.
Forever Leather
Jane Robertson describes making ethical leather at home.
Life Without Leather
First they came for the fur, now it’s the leather, next target wool?
From Manure to Haute Couture
Creating new eco-fibres from waste is an iffy business.
Reclaiming the Rag Trade
Former rag&bone lady Gill Barron charts the rise of recycling.
People Who Wash Too Much
Gill Barron spills the dirt on detergents.
Land for the Many
Simon Fairlie on a report for the Labour Party which tackles the politics of land.
More Tribulations for Trespassers.
The Blue Meanies are at it again.
Bristol’s Catch 22
The city’s new policy for van-dwellers puts enforcement before provision.
Compound Disinterest
Brian Vesey Fitzgerald describes the ethnic cleansing of the New Forest.
High Words, Low Deeds
Tom Greeves has a low opinion of the people who run Dartmoor National Park.

Hay cart in the farmyard